Real cases

Any company’s level of expertise, trustworthiness or popularity can be easily checked when it comes to proven cases…

We stockpiled hundreds of successful business consulting operations throughout the 25 years long history we’re in this business. Here are the best examples of our diligent and efficient advice for small and big companies.

Dream Team


While working with Dream Team automotive company, we conducted few vital market researches and helped to implement a crucial business strategy.

Janny Choos


This legendary car brand used our Interim management tips back in 2008, and averted the Great Recession slip with our timely help.


World news


Harley-Davidson Inc is an American motorcycle manufacturer. We, together with the US govt helped to diverge the fiscal disaster.




An all-American chain, that recovered after dropping in sales in 2008 and since then returned great year-by-year growth…

Smart One


An online service unlike any other, which we helped to sketch out and put to action a comprehensive investment planning for.



General Motors suffered a severe setback in sales and overall market value. We, together with the US govt helped to diverge the fiscal disaster.

Olio Company


Manufacturer trucks and offers a broad range of services for the over-the-road, construction, municipal and medium duty markets.

Richard White


BenQ Corporation is a Taiwanese multi-national company that sells and markets technology products, consumer electronics, computing.



Compaq was a company founded in 1982, offerings include Presario notebooks and laptop PCs, desktops and computer accessories.



That’s just one of the hardware/software industry leaders whom we consult on business strategic planning…


Be Clener


Maxdata was a German company that produced IT products, such as computers, notebooks and monitors.




It’s one of our oldest returning clients. Their year-by-year growth, achieved in big part thanks to our advice, is the reason.

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